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Glass Removal

Glass has endless applications – windowpanes, automobiles, food containers, beverage bottling, tableware, shower doors, candle jars, aquariums, terrariums, home décor, cookie canisters, and oven doors. Everywhere you look, there is a glass-based item.

Manufacturers utilize glass because it is flexible, feasible, accessible, recyclable, waterproof, and transparent. It can also be dyed to add uniqueness to various applications. Glass can be dyed in endless colors – blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow, orange, and multi-colored.

The primary downside to glass is its fragility. Most glass applications are fragile, excluding tempered and metallic, with the latter being the strongest.

When a glass object is broken, in most cases, it becomes scrap. Broken glass is one of the most dangerous types of scrap. Glass scrap must be carefully prepared before hauling to a recycling center or landfill.

Our Residential, Automotive, And Commercial Glass Removal Services

We understand consumers face many issues when dealing with scrap glass. To avoid mishaps – lacerations and severed limbs – we utilize thick moving blankets, personal safety gear, and packing materials during transportation.

When you hire our junk removal company to dispose of your glass scrap, we become responsible for the removal, hauling, and disposal. We take our job very seriously. We will do whatever is necessary to protect our employees and clients from glass mishaps throughout the removal process.

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We Accept:
Broken window glass