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Piano Removal

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Pianos generate sounds, described by avid music fans as “mellow”, “bright”, “rich”, and “splendid”. Pianos are utilized by musicians, religious organizations, commercial establishments, cruise ships, wedding venues, Broadway musicals, concert halls, and opera houses. The average life span of a quality piano is 40 years when properly maintained.

While some musicians are fully satisfied with keeping their piano for the duration of its lifespan, others are not so much. As new piano technologies and designs are released, your piano becomes outdated. At least, this is how some owners view their pianos only after a few years of use.

Once you decide it is time to replace your older piano, find a removal company because of the next priority. Our junk removal service has served hundreds of local residents and businesses. We collect, haul, and drop off preowned pianos at a landfill, donation center, recycling facility, or waste transfer center.

Is It Legal To Dispose Of An Old Piano In A Community Dumpster?

Yes and no, as it depends on the municipality’s garbage disposal laws. Some municipalities accept large items, such as a piano but only when they are dropped off at a landfill. The dumpster may also belong to a local garbage collection service provider. So, do not toss your old piano in any local dumpster until you validate the legalities.

Prepare Your Old Piano For Recycling

It is possible to recycle your old piano. However, it may not be possible until you disassemble your old piano. Recycling centers accept large pianos, but only when they are broken down into pieces. In this case, you will need to disassemble the piano to determine which components are recyclable and which are not.

Components constructed from wood, metal, and plastic may be recycled. Electronic components may also qualify for recycling. If you have any questions, you can contact the recycling center directly.

Our Piano Removal Made Easy

Pianos are extremely heavy items, weighing between 300 and 1,400 pounds. Pianos are sold as a whole unit. The heavier the piano, the more manpower is required to complete the installation process. When you decide to junk your piano, you will need the same amount of manpower as the initial installation. Utilizing a dolly will minimize the need to hire a team of workers to lift and install the piano. This also applies to the removal process.

Our commercial and residential piano removal services are accessible, affordable, flexible, and customizable. We utilize special equipment to uninstall, disassemble, remove, and dispose of heavy pianos.

When you hire our junk removal company to dispose of your old piano, we will dispatch a team of experts to your home. A qualified expert will assess the piano to determine the best removal strategy to eliminate the risk of mishap, which could lead to an injury of a member of our junk removal team.

You will be provided with a written estimate to validate before we implement the piano removal strategy. With your approval, the junk removal team will initiate the removal. We will move the piano to a safe location, where it will be disassembled to prepare for recycling.

In a safe location, the piano is disassembled, and the components are loaded into the back of our work truck. The pile of scrap is then hauled to a recycling center for disposal.

How To Dispose Of A Piano Without Harming The Environment?

There are three disposal methods for old pianos. Each disposal method has pros and cons. For example, the landfill disposal method is not as eco-friendly as recycling and donation. When pianos end up in landfills, they lay around for years, generating dangerous carbon dioxide and methane, greenhouse gases.

Recycling – This is one of the most eco-friendly disposal methods, as it allows for the components to be reused for other purposes. The wood will be broken down for OSB plywood, mulch, pulp (paper), and grill wood chips

Donation – This will give your old piano an opportunity to remain as a whole unit and deliver beautiful melodies for years to come. However, this disposal option is not suitable for permanently damaged pianos, only units in good working condition

Dump – This is a great disposal option for pianos that are permanently damaged. Lying in a dump, old pianos generate greenhouse gases that harm the environment

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