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Top Landmarks In Marietta Georgia

Georgia has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in recent years. The state is home to many amazing people and landmarks. This ensures that tourists will be treated exceptionally well during their visit. Furthermore, they’ll be able to enjoy a variety of landmarks. Some are historical while others are sports related. Within this guide, readers will learn about the top landmarks in Marietta. EZ Marietta Junk Removal

White Water Six Flags

While it may be located outside of Marietta, White Water Six Flags is pretty close. So, you won’t have to travel too far to enjoy the park with your loved ones. The park was originally opened in 1984 and it expands over 69 acres today. In 2012, it attracted 505,000 visitors making it one of the most popular water parks in North America. When visiting, tourists will be able to take advantage of 20 unique attractions. Just remember that this water park is only open from May through September.

Some of the most popular attractions at the park include Little Hooch, Lizard’s Tail, and Black River Falls.

Marietta Square

During your visit to Marietta, you’ll want to take a trip to the middle of the city. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find Glover Park or Marietta Square. It is a good spot to bring friends and family members. Surrounding the square, you will find the Strand Theatre, an Art deco restaurant, and a statue of Alexander Clay. You’ll also find the Marietta City Hall and Courthouse nearby.

Marietta Museum Of History

Next, you’ll want to learn about the city’s history. The best way to do that is by visiting the Marietta Museum of History. It is located in the three-story historic building known as The Kennesaw House. The museum is housed in the building’s second and third floors. It can be found west of the town square across from the CSX tracks. The museum is normally open every day of the week except for Sunday. The staff is friendly so you’ll likely enjoy your visit.

Marietta Fire Museum

There is something interesting about firefighters. So, you may be interested in learning more about Marietta’s firefighting history. The Marietta Fire Museum is an excellent spot for visitors. It is open every weekday and closed on the weekend. The museum stays open until 5 PM so you’ll have plenty of time to visit with your loved ones. Furthermore, you’ll love the gift store because the prices are reasonable. Be sure to check it out!