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Top Things To Do In Marietta, GA

Got a big trip coming up to Marietta, GA? Maybe you are planning a trip with the family. Maybe you are going to be in the area on business and might have a few free hours on your hands to kill. Well, whatever the situation is, there certainly are no shortages of ways to kill time in Marietta. However, you likely won’t have time to see everything, so you’ll want to make sure you see the more appealing attractions. EZ Marietta Junk Removal

Earl And Rachel Smith Strand Theatre

Want an instant transport back to the early 20s. Back to a time when art deco was in? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you step foot in the Earl and Rachel Smith Theatre. The entire arena resembles art deco and everything that the style held true. In fact, this very place once served at the community’s movie house between the years of 1935 and 1976. It has seen been restored to all its former glory and hosts a variety of production, concerts, musicals, classic films, and children’s games. There are not only many entertainment options here, but there will be plenty of educational opportunities as well.

Six Flags White Water

What would be a trip to the south without a visit to a water park? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you hit up the Six Flags just located right outside of Atlanta. The entire park spans an illustrious sixty-nine acres and originally opened in 1984. During this time, the park was simply known as White Water Atlanta, but it now consists of four different areas. These would be the Flash Flood Canyon, Pine Valley, Slippery Ridge, and Wildwater Lagoon. The biggest attraction in the entire park is the Typhoon Twister and features a 67-foot bowl. It’s not something you’ll want to miss out on, but the bowl alone is enough to make it a point to see this area of the park.

Marietta Fire Museum

Marietta’s Fire Department has been serving the area since the early 1800s and at the Fire Museum, you can check out a wide assortment of items that the department used to keep the city safe. You’ll find everything from old, historic photos to old equipment, clothing, and most interestingly, the old vehicles. That being said, one of the main highlights of the area is the steam-powered horse-drawn pumper that the fire department bought back in 1879. This one actually still works and there are currently only five of them still in existence. There are plenty of other old vehicles, but it is the pumper that’ll draw you in.