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Top Tourist Attractions In Marietta GA

Have you thought about taking your loved ones to Georgia? When doing so, most people are going to visit the sprawling city of Atlanta. Although it is a good tourist destination, it isn’t right for everyone. Instead, you might be looking for a calmer atmosphere. If so, you should plan a trip to the beautiful city of Marietta. It has a lot to offer in its own right. Its beautiful square, the Gone with the Wind Museum, and Sope Creek are three of its top destinations. These attractions and others will be explored in greater depth below.

Gone With The Wind Museum

Gone with the Wind is one of the best movies ever created. Even today, people watch the movie. It is a cherished masterpiece from Hollywood. Have you wanted to learn more about this movie? Travel to Marietta so you can visit the Gone With the Wind Museum. It can be found at Brumby Hall ensuring it shouldn’t be far from your motel. As you likely suspect, the museum is dedicated to this historical movie and film. Fans of it will be thrilled with the attraction.

Zuckerman Museum of Art

The Zuckerman Museum of Art is another wonderful destination for all tourists. Whether you’re a fan of history or art, you’ll love your visit to the Zuckerman Museum of Art. You’ll appreciate that the university museum provides rotating exhibits. Therefore, you’ll see something different each time you visit. Plus, the masterpieces are thought-provoking.

Marietta Square

During your visit to Marietta, Georgia, you need to visit the town’s square. It will feel like you’re stepping back in time. Marietta Square is also known as Glover Park. The traditional city center is best known for having a beautiful fountain in the middle. Plus, the square is often used for many events. Depending on when you visit, you might be able to take advantage of the local farmer’s market. Alternatively, you might enjoy a concert at Marietta Square.

Sope Creek

When you visit Marietta, you should stop by Sope Creek. It is reasonably close, so you won’t need to travel far. It has a lot to offer including more than 11 miles of streams. Plus, it is home to the Sope Creek Ruins which are part of the National Register of Historic Places. The only downside is that the available parking spots are limited. Still, the trails and beauty of the area make this destination worth the hassle.