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Aviation History and Technology Center  

Over 75 amazing years in service the AHTC story has grown to include many major aviation manufacturers, reserve military and multiple active installations, hundreds and thousands of stories from other individuals, thousands of veterans and other people who made an immeasurable impact around us.

Aviation History and Technology Center aims to honor military and local aviation history through educating everyone from the preservation of events and highlights and how it is important to cling on the history as it defines the modern world. The Aviation and History Technology in Marietta, Georgia has been developing to be at its premier experience to local and tourists and of course the capability of demonstrating the importance of history, aviation, S.T.E.M., and appreciating the heroism of military to the 21st century audience and the next generations to come.


Buy-A-Brick Campaign

For over 75 years, the strong legacy of aviation in the local area began. Ever since, the story has widely evolved to include in several major aviation manufacturing, reserve and multiple active installations, hundreds of thousands of stories from individuals, thousands of veterans.

Bricks with custom engraved are the most perfect way to leave your own eternal legacy and also to help Marietta’s Aviation History and Technology Center grow for the future generations to experience. Each brick doesn’t only help change the physical landscape but the generous donation will be a big contribution to help fund capital renovations, aircraft restorations, future educational programs and events, active-duty military and appreciation to the heroism of the military and for community outreach.

Featured Aircraft 

The Aviation History and Technology Center family proudly presents their 10 military aircraft and 3 civilian aircraft display.

The public can actually go inside to two of the displayed aircraft which are the C141B Air Force transport and the Lockheed Jet star corporate jet that was owned by the famous country singer, Kenny Rogers. EZ Marietta Junk Removal

Tour guides are trained to be the at their best in disseminating knowledge to the visitors. They are composed of pilots that had the chance to flown several aircraft and people who have built and maintained some of it.


Membership helps to provide thrust for the growing collection for the community and visitors to enjoy. In return for your generosity, you are to receive some amazing privileges for the entire year!

All memberships are entitle for these:

  • An all-access general admission for 1 year
  • Early to all history educational programs (including S.T.E.M.)
  • 20% discount on all history educational programs, as well as for S.T.E.M.
  • Quarterly newsletter subscription
  • 20% discount for any purchase in the museum’s store
  • An exclusive invitation to “members only” events
  • Additional benefits based on what kind of membership selection

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Address: 555 Perrin Road Marietta, GA

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